Queer Paris: culminating events

Our trip ended with two culminating events. The first was a dinner with queer theorist and curator Manuel Segade, whose writing “focuses largely on the circulation of critical discourses on representation. My basic interests are: the aesthetical construction of subjectivity, the ways in which a community is developed, the history of subjectivity, the complexity of lifestyles, Queer theory or language performativity, intertwined by an essentially political task.” He has extensive knowlege of the ‘hidden’ histories of Paris, as well as contemporary artists who have interrogated the spaces of queerness here, through mapping or otherwise.

The culminating event was a private tour of the atelier Le Cent and a presentation of the collaboration and projects. Hosted by Sarah Goldberg, curator of the ‘Be My Toys’ festival. We hope to continue the conversations here toward future collaborations and projects here, as the saying goes, “we’ve only just begun”…


Workshop 3

Workshop 1