Brian McGrath


Brian McGrath (M.Arch., Princeton University) is Associate Professor of Urban Design and the founder and principal of Urban-Interface, LLC, an urban design practice that fuses architecture, ecology and media. The firm combines new research in urban ecosystems and digital technologies to provide urban design models that engage local participants in flexible, innovative approaches to urban design. Current projects included partnerships with governmental agencies, private developers and cultural institutions. McGrath is also a Co-Principal Investigator in the National Science Foundation’s Long Term Ecological Research study in Baltimore, Maryland, where he leads the Urban Design Working Group. His books include:  Urban Design Ecologies, Digital Modeling for Urban Design, Transparent CitiesResilience in Ecology and Urban Design (co-edited with S.T.A. Pickett and M.L. Cadenasso), Sensing the 21st Century City (co-edited by Grahame Shane), and Cinemetrics  (co-authored by Jean Gardner). McGrath was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Thailand in 1998-99 and an India China Institute Fellow in 2005-2006.

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